Guide to Activision on Techron Advantage Card Online

Techron Advantage Credit Card

This Techron Advantage Card is a credit card for gas that allows you to earn rewards on the purchase of fuel at Chevron as well as Texaco gasoline stations. 

It is also possible to earn fuel credit points for purchases made outside of the stores. In addition, this credit card will not have an annual fee.

How do I activate my Techron Advantage Credit Card?

To use Your Techron Advantage credit card you need to activate it. It is easy to activate your Techron credit card by following the simple steps:

Techron Advantage Card

Firstly, you have to click on this link HTTPS:

In the upper right-hand corner then click on the “My” Account option.

You must click the activated card option to begin the process of activation.

In the next step, you need to enter your bank account’s account numbers.

your three-digit security code, the last three digits of your SSN, and your birth date.

After entering all of the necessary information in the spaces provided After that, click the activate button.

After that, you simply follow the instructions on the screen to complete the credit card activation procedure.

You can connect your Techron Advantage credit card using the mobile device of your phone. If you’re using your Techron Advantage Visa Credit Card and you want to activate it.

call 1-866-448-5702 activate. Also, if you’ve got your Techron Advantage Credit Card, call 1-866-913-8492 for activation.

Advantages Techron Advantage Credit Card

There are a variety of benefits you can enjoy with your Techron Advantage credit card. Here are some of the advantages you can avail by using this credit card.

If you are a holder of the Techron Advantage Visa Credit Card You will be able to benefit from 55 C//gal. in fuel credit. 

In addition, you can earn 45 C/gal. on fuel credit when you use credit on your Techron Advantage Credit Card. Earn 8 C/gal. in fuel credits every full-up, every time you visit Texaco as well as Chevron stations.

Costs of Interest and Charges for the Techron Advantage credit card

Inflation Rates and Charges:

APR for Purchase: Techron Advantage Credit Card has an APR intro of 29.99 percent..

Cash Advance APR Cash Advance APR on the card mentioned above is 29.99 percent.

Minimum Interest Charge: If using a Visa credit card you’ll be charged no lower than $1.00. 

If you’re using a Techron Advantage Card You will be assessed $2.00.


The Cash Advance fee: for both the cards, the Techron Advantage Card You can be assessed a fee of $10, or 5 percent of every advance amount.

Foreign Transaction Fees: If own a Visa credit or debit card you’ll be charged 3% of every transaction. 

If you use a different credit card that you have, you will not be charged the fee for foreign transactions. will not be applicable.

late payment fee: Both these credit cards have late payment fees that can be as high as 40 dollars.

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Instructions for Using the Application of the Techron Advantage Credit Card

Anyone who is applying in the Techron Advantage Card will be evaluated to be eligible for that Techron Advantage Visa Credit Card. 

If you’re not approved by that Visa credit card you’ll be considered to be eligible for an alternative credit card, the Techron Advantage Credit Card. 

To be eligible in this Techron Advantage Credit Card, you need to follow these easy steps below:

Firstly, you need to click on this link

If you have arrived on the application page you need to click the “Apply Now” “Apply Now” option.

You must provide your personal details including your name, address Zip code, City and state, number of phones, and email.

as well as your SSN number Date of birth, and a year-long icon. After entering all of the necessary information on the provided fields, click”Continue.

You can then follow the instructions on the screen to submit an application for Techron Advantage Credit Card.

How Can You Pay The Techron Advantage Card

There are a variety of options to pay for your Techron Advantage Credit Card bill. You can select any of these payment methods below to pay your Techron charge on your credit card:

Internet Payment Method

If you are a member of a registered Techron Advantage Credit Card account, you’ll be able to easily settle your bill with your credit card. 

All you have to do is sign in to your account with your credit card and pay the Techron account bill.

When you arrive at Synchrony bank, you need to click”Login.

You will need to fill in your username and password into the appropriate fields.

If you want to save your user Name on this device, select the “Remember User” Name option.

After you have entered all the required details in the provided fields, click”Log In.

After you’ve logged in to the account you will be able to quickly make payments for the Techron Advantage card.

Pay as Guest

Use the Guest Payment service to make the fastest and most convenient method to pay. Follow these simple steps to pay the Techron Advantage credit Card invoice:

From the next page, you have to click your Log On button.

On your next screen, just click on the “Pay As a guest option.

You must give your credit card numbers, the last four digits of your SSN as well as your zip code.

In the last part in the last section, you need to select the”I’m not a robot” option in order to be able to pass the robot test.

After you have entered all the required details in the provided fields, click the “Find” Account option.

You can then follow the screen-based instructions to pay the bill for the Techron Advantage Credit Card.

Pay by Post

It is also possible to use the postal option to settle your Techron Advantage Credit Card bill. You may choose to pay the credit card bill by way of an order for money or a personal check. 

Make sure you include the number of your account on your personal check or money order and send it to the address:

for Credit Card with Private Label credit card:

Synchrony Bank

P.O. Box 960061

Orlando, FL 32896-0061

For Visa Credit Card:

Synchrony Bank

P.O. Box 960013

Orlando, FL 32896-0013

Techron Contact Information

If you have questions about the Techron Advantage credit card, please reach out to the customer service department.

Contact: 1-866-893-7864

Service hours: Monday through Friday, 8 hours from 8 am to 12 am EST.

For lost or stolen cards For lost or stolen cards, call 1-877-295-2080.

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Techron Advantage Card Online

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I purchase with my techron benefit card?

Chevron(r), Texaco (r) Techron AdvantageTM credit cards offer convenient options for buying fuel or retail items at service stations. Caltex(r), Texaco (r), and Chevron(r) business credit card are accepted at stations for fuel, snacks, and fleet vehicle needs.

Is there an annual charge for a Chevron gas card?

Summary of Card
Techron Advantage Visa Card earns fuel credit rewards when you purchase fuel at Chevron or Texaco stations. Fuel credit rewards can also be earned for purchases made outside of fuel merchants. An annual fee of $0 is charged.

Is it difficult to get a Chevron gas card?

For the approval of the Chevron gas card, you must have “Fair” credit. This generally refers to a score of at minimum 620. A fair credit score is not always enough. Other factors, like your income or debt obligations, may also play a part in the decision.

My Chevron card can be used wherever it is possible

Your Chevron or Texaco Gas Card can be used at Chevron or Texaco stations to make fuel and retail purchases. You can use your Chevron or Texaco Visa Card anywhere Visa is accepted.

Is it worth getting a gas card?

Bottom line. Bottom Line. A general rewards card that gives cash back on gas is usually a better deal than an oil-company card. However, it may be more difficult to obtain depending on your credit history. While a general credit card will pay less for gas purchases, if your driving habits are high, a gas credit card may be more appealing.

Is it possible to use my Chevron gas card at any station?

Fuel Anywhere, Get a Discount at Chevron and Texaco Stations
With the ability to fuel anywhere, both the Chevron Business Access Fuel Card and Texaco Business Access Card are accepted at all major U.S. fuel stations–45,000 service locations.

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