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Checkers Coupons and Rally’s used to be two different brands of fast food. Checkers is a drive-thru establishment that actually began in 1986. 

The first branch of Checkers was located in Mobile, Alabama and it was created in 1986 by Jim Mattei. The brand was developed to cater to Southeastern customers. 

It was at this time that Rally’s first opened its doors in the year 1985. Louisville, Kentucky was the site of the initial store. The concept behind Rally was also a drive-through. 

In 1999 both brands were merged. Today, the headquarters of the company is located located in Tampa, Florida. 

This company is one of the most significant double-restaurant chains across the United States which focuses on the drive-through concept.

Who won’t be delighted when they get coupons at the establishment. If you receive the coupon, you will be able to enjoy the food and drinks for free. 

If you love visiting Checkers drive-in restaurants, then you ought to look to find Checkers Coupons. Because the restaurant has merged with Rallies.

You are able to search for coupons from Rallies. If you find coupons from these establishments, you’ll be able to take advantage of the tasty fast food menu at no cost at these locations.

Checkers has a variety of easy ways to get vouchers for Checkers, as do Rallies. You can collect Rally’s coupon by using a specific method. 

You must answer a couple of questions and then you will receive the sandwich coupon. 

Additionally, you can also sign up as a Checkers Flavorhood member to get another coupon. It’s a simple process. 

You can find a coupon to buy the size of a big fry. The final, Checkers lets you search coupons from other sites.

Eligibility of the Guest Obsessed Survey ◀️

  • Your age must be greater than 18 in order to complete the survey.
  • You must be a citizen within the U.S.

Take Checkers Coupons Survey

  • You will need either a laptop/mobile device or a PC with internet access.

Rules of Guest Obsessed’s Survey

  • Keep the invitation with the offer receipt.
  • You are able to take part for a certain duration of duration.
  • One coupon can be used to use one coupon, one time, per email.
  • The area , or region is set for the associated businesses.
  • You need to use your valid code in the next 30 days.

Take the Guest Obsessed Survey

To take part, you have to visit, www.guestobsessed.com

In the middle on the screen, you’ll be presented with a box. you will need to enter,

  • 4-digit Store Number
  • Check Number
  • Click on “Start” in red.

Checkers Coupons Survey

You must follow the instructions after that and respond to the questions and then you’ll be able to finish the survey.

The reward of the Survey Obsessed by Guest

The food is free at the dive-way restaurant. You can get an ice cream burger as well as other fast food options to take. Just show the coupon at the nearest store.

Contact details

If you want to get the best customer service for those who love guests. You need to dial 1-800 800-8072. You can also send an email to Checkers Drive-in Restaurant 4300 West Cypress St Suite 600, Tampa, Florida 33606.

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Take Checkers Coupons FAQ ◀️

What are the specials that checkers offer?

Checkers and Rally’s 20% Off Tuesday and More Deals
  • For a limited period at Checkers and Rally’s participating locations Get 2 Large Buford small combos, each with drinks and fries, for just $11. 
  • In January on Tuesdays, take 20 percent off your app or online purchase of more than $20 with the coupon code of Checkers and Rally. code!

Does Checkers still have the 3 for 3?

Checkers and Rally’s have reintroduced their famous 4-for-3 deal at participating places. In the course of the deal you can choose of Spicy chicken, Crispy Rallyburger or Fish as well as a small beverage as well as small portions of seasoned fries and cinnamon apple pie all for only $3.

Can we find coupons available in South Africa?

In South Africa though, there aren’t any coupons.  Other than PnP coupons for VIPs and seniors (only accepted at Hypermarkets) the majority of South African coupons are in the form of apps or a loyalty card . they can save you lots of money if you use them correctly.

How do you make use of coupon codes in South Africa?

While you shop, you can launch the app and browse the items you have booked. When you place an item into the cart, make sure to mark it off by putting your finger one time to the coupon. Make sure you buy the right size, brand, and flavour as indicated in the coupons. Make sure you pay for your groceries, there’s no cashback at the cashier.

How do you make use of coupons from the Checkers App?

To redeem the Digital Coupon Reward for a purchase in the future or purchase, you must present the current Digital Coupon Reward through the app at the Participating restaurant in order to pay for your meal (for on-site transactions) and provide the number of your phone or the account number that is associated with you account with the cashier during the purchase.

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