How To Check Subway Gift Card Balance Online?

Gift Card Balance Online

You can activate and check the balance of your Subway gift card in three different ways. It is possible to check the balance of your Subway gift Cards is offered through The Subway food chain. 

Subway is well-known for its burgers as well as delicious subs. When you think of eating a burger, you’ll be thinking of subs from Subway.

 This is why Subway, a fast-food restaurant chain has come up with gift Cards that its loyal customers will receive discounts. 

The card comes with many advantages and should be added to your collection of cards. If you’re making use of your Subway Card you must be aware of its advantages and features. If not, you can get a list of the advantages here. 

People who are eager to activate the Subway Card can find a complete guide to activating it here. Once your Subway Card is activated you can make usage at all of the Subway restaurants within your area.

What is the Subway Gift Card?

As we mentioned earlier, the Subway Gift Card is a way to purchase Subway, the Subway fast-food chain. It comes with a variety of advantages like ease of use and discount. 

The gift card to gift to family, friends, and beloved ones. The gift card can be the perfect anniversary or birthday gift. Any person who enjoys eating out at Subway will surely find the card appealing. 

When you use it to pay for Subway restaurants, Subway restaurant chain, you will get discounts as well as other rewards.

To get the Subway Card is quite easy. It is necessary to make an application for the card then the Subway Restaurant Company would send the card via email or postal mail. 

The Subway Card is your ideal partner while dining at the dining establishment. Additionally, the credit card can be used across Canada and the United States, and Canada.

How to Purchase the Subway Gift Card Online?

If you are looking to buy this Subway Gift Card Online you have to go to their website. Subway. It is also possible to send your gift card to others, such as your friends and family. 

All you require is a computer with active internet access to make an application to your Subway Card Online. Read the guide below for how to purchase a gift card online:

To begin with, purchasing a Subway Gift Card Online you should open the website of Subway.

Hit the ‘Buy Now’ button which is at the top.

How To Check Subway Gift

Now it will take you to the store locator page. Click to send an e-Gift Card.

Choose a card design and you can proceed.

How to Activate and Check Subway Gift Card Balance?

If you wish to activate a Subway Card you need to go to the Subway Gift Card website.

At the top right there is the ‘Sign Up’ link.

Check Subway Gift Card Balance Online

Click on it and it will take you to the next page.

Here you can sign up using the following information:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Email address
  4. Password
  5. Confirm password
  6. Country
  7. Phone

Click on the ‘Join Now’ button and your account will be created.

How to Log into Subway Card Account?

To log in visit the website of the Subway

At the top right there is the sign-in button.

Click on it to go further with the login process.

Now enter the user id and password in the respective boxes.

Click Login and it will take you to the account dashboard.

How to Check Subway Gift Card Balance?

If you wish to check Subway Gift Card Balance you can use any of these three steps:

Check Online

  • To check the balance online one needs to visit the website of Subway.
  • Now click on the ‘Subway Card’ option there and enter the email and password.
  • Next click on the ‘check balance’ button which appears on the next page.

Check via Phone

For checking balance through phone, call on 1-833-778-2929. If you dislike online procedures then you can use this method.

Check at your Nearest Subway Location

If any of these above methods do not suit you walk out towards the nearest Subway Location. Enter the restaurant and ask them to check your gift card balance.


In the verdict, the Subway Gift Card could be considered a decent one. It offers online management to the holders. If you have the card you can keep track of it online while enjoying the perks.

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How do I check the balance of my Subway Gift card’s balance?

Subway Credit Card Balance Telephone Number
You can dial 1 877 697-8222 and follow the simple instructions and press the keys in accordance with the instructions to examine you balance in any moment.
How do you think the Subway gift cards are good for?

The Subway(r) Card’s Prepaid dollar value balance is never expired neither do we charge any charges in connection to the use of it. To open an account on a Subway(r) account, and to then register with your Subway(r) Card Click HERE to Download the Subway(r) Application. You need to provide an email address that is valid.
How do I activate my Subway gift card?

Log into your account, and you’ll be able to find an icon saying, “Add new card.” Enter the numbers in the reverse of your card and hit “Add Card” to complete the registration. You can visit any participating Subway restaurant and pay for your food with the card. The card can be used to purchase anything.
How do you make use of the Subway gift card on the internet?

Make sure to make sure you register the card before you allow someone else to use it. This way all you need do is log into Subway(r) to access your Subway(r) Account and then top up the value of the card.
How can I use my Subway gift card through the App?

If you are making a purchase at an eatery, choose the reward you would like to redeem in your app then use the Subway(r) Credit Card in the cash counter or swipe your Subway(r) card. You are not able to use your phone number in order to earn for your $2.00 Reward.

How do I connect the Subway credit card into my bank account?

Log into your account and you’ll be able to see an icon that reads, “Add new card.” Enter the numbers in the reverse of your card and click “Add Card” to complete the registration. Visit any Subway participating Subway location to purchase your food with your card to accumulate points.

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