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How to Make X-Ray Bill Online Payment?

 Payment guide for X-Ray Bill; X-Ray Bill allows users to pay their medical bills online. The X-Ray Bill portal will help you avoid the headaches of a great clinic visit.

It was created to provide individuals with an easy billing portal. Anyone who has had an x-ray taken at their doctor’s visit can access the X-Ray Bill website to make a payment. To get started, the user will need to provide their provider ID. This will take you to the main payment screen.

For a step-by-step guide on how to pay online for X-Ray Bill, please see the post below. Other information about the X-Ray Bill has been provided.

X-Ray Bill Overview

The X-Ray payment portal is available to anyone who has difficulty paying for a visit to a clinic. In House developed an online platform that allows users to make online payments towards their medical bills.

To get started using the X-Ray Bill site, you will need to enter your provider ID. You can access the payment webpage from any internet-connected smartphone or tablet, as well as computers and computers. To pay X-Ray bills, one must have a few functional items.

How to Read an X-Ray Bill

After you receive an X-Ray bill, you should take a few steps to ensure you understand it. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Online Payment – After you receive an X-Ray bill, look in the top right corner to find the payment amount and the types of charge cards.

Account Number – To get started with online payments, one must remember their patient number. The account number can be found at the top right of the list of charge card options.

Address and Name of Doctor – This user must have the address and name of the doctor who has translated x beam results. To find out more, you can look to the top left side of the bill.

Payment Address – To make a payment, the user must have the payment mailing address. The record number and the installment options number will provide the postal address.

How to Make an X-Ray Bill Online Payment 

  • To begin with, making the payment you need to open the X-Ray Bill website. www.xraybill.com
  • A new screen opens that reads ‘Welcome to XrayBill.com’.
  • Below there is an orange box.
  • Enter the provider ID in the box and tap on the ‘Continue’ button at its right.

Payment guide for X-Ray Bill

Next, you will be directed to your provider portal.

  • Provide the details required for online payment and follow the prompts to complete the procedure.

X-Ray Bill Contact Information 

The user can get in touch with the X-Ray Bill support desk through their contact us webpage.

  • To get started the user needs to visit the contact us website.
  • Enter the full name, phone, and email in the respective fields.
  • Type in questions or comments in the box below.
  • Tap the ‘Submit’ button and your request will be submitted.


The article was concluded. After you’ve read this article, you can make an online payment to the X-Ray Bill website. For more information about the X-Ray Bill, you can contact us.

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What is the cost for X-rays?

A bill that includes technical and professional parts of a procedure. Your x-rays are taken at the office of your health provider and they own the equipment employed. Then, the billing is combined for both professional and technical components. The customer receives only one invoice for both components.

What are the billing guidelines?

The guidelines for legal billing are an agreement that is binding between an attorney and a law firm which guarantees the payment of legal work. The guidelines outline the legal guidelines for billing formats as well as staffing, deadlines and other essential aspects of the relationship.
How much is an X-ray in Ireland?
What does it cost?
Standard x-ray€110
MRI (excluding Cardiac MRI)€280
CT (excluding Cardiac CT)€280

What exactly is ultrasound described as?

Ultrasounds are classified as full or limited as per the CPT(r) code descriptor. To bill for a comprehensive exam, all items and organs mentioned need to be described and imaged or the reason for which the organ isn’t described or described (ie an organ that is surgically absent) is documented.

Who can Bill 99281?

The primary medical doctor in turn, could charge for an E/M appointment (99281-99285). Also, if he/ has seen the patient prior to the time the patient was became an ED patient, a different option is to bill an established E/M visit for the patient rather (99212-99215).


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