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MyCCSF Login

Through MyCCSF Employee: the MyCCSF, and City College of San Francisco account, you can browse the calendar on the web.

lookup the classes you’re affiliated with as well as check your grades, check your financial guide and check your record equalization and determine if you’re holding any hold. 

There are also guides for grounds of the various CCSF locations throughout the city, as well as an interface to the grounds phone and email database, which is similar to the registration interface that is on the CCSF website.

At the moment, registering for classes in installments is done through the Web. This is the same for enrolling in plans for installments. When they launch the next version in the form of an application they’d like to make it possible to transfer installments functioning.


Utilize the catalog to contact personnel or staff

Quest for classes

View your present class plan

Survey money-related guide data, account equalization and holds.

Access grounds and focus maps

Check grades.

Myccsf login 

To login open the page, www.ccsf.edu/en/myccsf

After the page opens at the center-left tap on, the ‘Login to my RAM’ button.

MyCCSF Employee

In the next screen input the username, password and click on, the ‘Login’ button.

To change the password or new to forgot password provide the username and tap on, the ‘Continue’ button.

For canvas and student log in follow the same structure.

Frequently asked questions on City College of San Francisco 

How would I check my application status?

When you submit your application via the internet, you’ll receive an acknowledgment from the school’s application management. 

Within a short time, you will also get an email message from your school that explains the subsequent steps of the affirmations process are.

In the event I’ve become fragmented when will it be expulsed and what is the grade that was last assigned?

The Incomplete will be ejected based on a commonly agreed date that is agreed upon between the student and teacher.

In the event that works hasn’t been completed and a predetermined final grade will be distributed the day prior to the final test, the most crucial one is in the following period of involvement.

Do I need to meet with someone to advocate for me in the event I have to file an appeal to be granted a degree?

In reality, students must review a document prior to submitting the request for graduation.

Are you able to explain to me exactly what graduation requirements are, and also the index I should use?

Since every student’s circumstances are individual, you will be required to consult with an instructor prior to appealing for graduation.

What information must I bring in the event I have to get my universal transcripts evaluated?

Understudy students can receive a present at the A&R counter in connection with the mentioning requirement for the assessment of the global transcript. The requirements for documentation and guidelines are clearly laid out in the freebies.






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