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TCI Online Account: The Teachers’ Curriculum Institute or TCI provides teachers and students who have been registered access to your TCI Account online.

TCI Account is online to enjoy all the advantages of their membership. When logging into TCI’s account on the Tech TCI Account.

users are able to perform a range of TCI activities, and also access TCI materials like cards, Students Editions, Reference Texts, Interactive Student Notebooks, and many more.

How to CreateTechTCI Teacher Account Online?

The new teachers, co-coordinators, and managers that have purchased the TCI Teacher Subscription will need to establish an account online to access these features.

as well as the resources in the purchased items, such as viewing their Students Text, completing Lesson Games. For this, they may follow the short guide below.

Visit TCI official website and click the “Teacher Sign In” at the top right corner of the homepage.

Or, you can access the portal directly by going to this URL,

Click on the “Create Account” link next to the ‘Don’t already have an account?’ at the bottom of the Sign-In box.

TCI Online Account

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Enter the Access Code provided by your school or district.

Type your School Email, First Name, and Last Name in their respective fields

Create a password that must be 6-characters long and confirm the new password by re-entering.

Click the “Create Account” button when you are done.

If you cannot discover the Access Code but think that their school or district has purchased TCISubscription for them.

that they purchased a TCISubscription to them may use the “Lookup Access Code” link located at the top of the entry box and enter the state and city that the address of billing is as well as selecting the school or district you want to purchase.

The search will display contacts within your area. You can request your TCI Sign-Up Code from them and then proceed to complete an account by entering the other details.

If a subscription has not been purchased, choose on the “Start your 30-day trial” button below to sign up for a trial for a month in which you can try one of TCI programs.

How to Log In to TechTCI Teacher Account Online?

When your TCI Teacher Account is set up, you are able to connect to it from any location online to manage your classes and browse the resources for teaching accessible to you. Logging in is easy.

Visit the Tech TCI TeacherSign In portal where you go to create your TCI Teacher Account

Enter the Email or Username and Password associated with your TechTCI TeacherAccount

How To Login In TCI Online Account

Click on the “Sign in” link to enter the system.

Now you can add or view programs and let your students in. Here are some resources and features that you can use as a TCI subscribed teacher.

Teach Now: allow you to get started with your program

Table of Contents: customize the program and reveal the information you are interested in

Info Bar: show instructional support related to the lesson

Lesson Presentation: visual lesson guide to help you teach a lesson

Student View: let you see what your students see

Student Text: view the Interactive Tutorials and Student Notebook; check out the Lesson Games and Vocabulary Cards and more.

How to Create TechTCIStudent Account Online?

Once you have established your student account in Tech TCI, it’s very easy to log in and start taking classes online, according to your timetable. To login yourTechTCI Student Account,

Go to either and click the “Student Sign In” from the top right corner or

Enter your teacher’s email or username in the top field on the sign-in page.

Enter your student’s Username and Password in the appropriate fields.

Hit on the “Sign in” link to sign in to the password for your TCI Student Account

How to Recover TechTCI Online Account Login Password?

Students who have forgotten their password to their TechTCIStudent Account be required to call their teacher and request to reset their password by accessing their teacher’s account and accessing the My Classes Page.

If teachers cannot remember or forget the TCI Account password It is possible to reset it online using the feature available on the login page. To change their password, they’ll need to

Navigate to

Simply click on the “Forgot your password?” link beneath the entry fields.

Enter your Email address and then click “Email Reset Instruction” to send the request.

Go to the “Change my password” link in the email.

If the email address is stored in the TCI system then you will receive an email for recovery to set up the password you want for your TechTCI Account.

If you don’t get the email to reset your password within 15 minutes of when you have requested a password reset be sure to make sure you check the junk and spam folders of your email. 

If you make a change to your password, you’ll have to sign in to your TCI account with the new password.

About TCI

Teachers Curriculum Institute, a publishing company that develops curricula for teachers that aid them in creating more enjoyable environments, as well as the most effective techniques and methods to ensure consistent and positive classroom outcomes.

 The curriculum was designed to help students of all levels comprehend their material. TCI is designed for teachers. Through its K-12 curriculum as well as lesson plans and teaching resources.

teachers can enhance the understanding of students on diverse subjects through the use of social and science textbooks, hands-on-science activities, other activities, and much more.

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Contact Information

For any query, you can reach the TCI support portal at There you can browse by topics or enter the question in the search bar to find what you want to know.

You can also use the following methods to contact TCI

Phone Number: 800-497-6138

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1327, Rancho Cordova, CA 95741






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