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Express Scripts Pay My Balance System 

 How to Pay Express Scripts Bill Online; Express Scripts lets its members pay their balances through its website. If you’re an existing account holder, you can sign in to your account to pay your balance and gain access to additional options. The page for payment balances is easy to use and accessible via any device connected to the internet.

Paying online could be the easiest method to pay. Simply go to the pay my balance page and sign in before you can go to the main page for payment. Follow the link below to get details on step-by-step steps for the process of paying.

Express Scripts Overview 

Express Scripts is an American pharmacy benefit management firm and a subsidiary of Cigna. It was among the largest corporations within the United States in 2017. Established in 1986, Express Scripts has its headquarters located within St. Louis, Missouri.

The company is operating across the world and offers customers an easy-to-use online platform. There is also an Express Scripts mobile app. Express Scripts mobile app is available on all Android and iOS devices.

How to Pay my Express Scripts Balance

To get started with the payment procedure, open the website of the payment. www.express-scripts.com/paymybalance

As the webpage opens you will find a login section in the middle.

Once you have located it provides a username in the respective field.

Next type in your password in the box below.

Click the ‘Login’ button and you will be directed to the main balance payment page.

How to Pay Express Scripts Bill Online


Provide the data required to make a payment and follow the prompts to complete the procedure.

How to Log into Express Scripts

Open the Express Scripts Login webpage. www.express-scripts.com/login

Next at the center of the screen, you will find a login section labeled ‘Log in to Express Scripts’.

Enter username in the respective blank field.

Provide your password in the box below.

Tap the login button and you will be directed to the account dashboard.

Forgot Password :

In case you aren’t able to recall your login credentials open the login homepage of Express Scripts. express-scripts.com

Look at the center and you will see a login section.

Scroll down and click on the ‘Need help logging in?’ link below it.

Next, an account recovery webpage opens with a heading that reads ‘Recover your Account’.

Enter the following details in the respective spaces:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Date of birth
  4. Member ID/SSN or RX number

Select your role from the drop-down menu below.

Tap the ‘Submit’ button and you can recover your account.

How to Register :

Open the Express Scripts Login homepage. express-scripts.com

Look below the login section and click on the URL that reads ‘Register Now’.

A new screen opens that asks you to enter your email address.

Provide the email which is to be used for registration and tap on the ‘Get Started’ button.

Next, provide your first name and last name on the new screen.

Enter date of birth and ZIP Code on the next page.

Fill in the required data and follow the prompts to register.

Conclusion :

For Express Scripts Pay My Balance you need to log into your account. If you have trouble signing in you can feel free to call the help center on 800-282-2881.

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