Complete Halford Customer Survey To Win Gift Card

Halfords Survey and Gift Card

Halford Customer Survey; Halford is a UK retailer based in the UK that manages car parts, vehicle improvements outdoors, as well as equipment for visiting, etc.

in the entire United Kingdom and Ireland. Halfords was founded in 1892 by the renowned founder Frederick Rushbrooke.

The organization operates today over 300 stores. The thing that stands out concerning Halfords is that it has become one of the biggest companies in business, but while it has worked hard to maintain its local environment.

Halfords Group plc is a retailer of bicycle and car products. It also serves as an independent administrator of automobile fix. 

It operates in two parts: Halfords Retail, which operates in each of in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland as well as Halfords Autocentres, which works in the United Kingdom.

Halfords Retail is the Halfords Retail fragment that incorporates vehicle components, accessories consumables, as well as innovation. 

Its Halfords Retail portion’s item goes are promoted through a nationwide chain of stores, and via an offer that connects website development and direct distribution or collection of products from the store.

The Halfords Retail segment comprises approximately 165,000 products available online, as well as more than 460 Halfords stores that sell products for cycling and motoring.

Its Halfords Autocentres portion gives vehicle maintenance, repairs, and MOT services to customers who are armada and retail across the United Kingdom. 

Its Halfords Autocentres section has more than 300 services focusing on across the United Kingdom.

A Give Us A Steer client review will take about five minutes to complete and is accessible to all living in the countries that comprise the UK and ROI that are at least 18 years old and established.

To begin the Halfords customer will need the store’s number, an Exchange number, Till number, and the amount spent at Halfords (this information can be found on the receipt of the customer). 

The information you provide will improve the quality that the Halfords store as well as the products they offer.

About Halford survey

A single entry is allowed for each client who pays no attention to the number of car parts they purchase

PS100 gift voucher prize is only for the named champ. PS100 gift voucher can only be used by the designated champ. It is valid for one year after the date of issue

It is expected that the Prize draw for the Us A Steer study prize draw will be held on the 3rd business day of each week. The prizes aren’t transferrable.

If you’re not having trouble, you should allow between the ages of 8 and 10 weeks for the Halfords PS100 gift voucher to arrive.

Shoppers who do not wish to purchase a product to be eligible for a PS100 present voucher from Halfords must enter by mail. 

To enter without buying anything, send a letter in the form of Halfords Prize Draw, c/o InMoment Inc., One Temple Row, Birmingham, UK B2 5LG.

The rules of the Halford survey

There is no requirement to buy anything to participate or win the Sweepstakes.

It is only accessible the door to UK and ROI people who have reached the age of 18 or older.

One section only for each person every month.

The gift voucher is valid for a year after the date of issue.

If you’re selected as the winner If you are selected as the winner, you will be contacted via email or phone.

It is essential to be a legally residing occupant in Ireland and the UK or Ireland.

Your age should be at least 18 years old.

Any passes that are repeated will be removed.

There is no money option available.

There are no representatives or workers’ partners. are allowed.

Taking the Halford survey online

To take the survey online go to,

Here, on the middle right side click on, ‘Click here’ in yellow.

Complete Halford Customer SurveyOn the next directed page at the upper left side type your store name

Then, click on, the ‘Search’ sign.

After finding the store you have to follow the prompts to finish the survey.

Taking the Halford survey by mail

You can complete the survey via mail where you need to note down your personal information such as name, address, etc, and the survey.

Then, send your letter to Halford’s sweepstakes, C/O InMoment Inc., One Temple Row, Birmingham, UK B2 5LG.

Prize of the Halford survey

The prize is either £100 or £250. If you win you will be contacted by the survey sponsors by the information you have provided while taking the survey.

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Customer info

Need more help with the survey? Call on, 01527 517 601.

Halfords Retail Stores Customer Service Enquiries
For more information on how to contact us click here
7 Days a week
08:00 – 22:00
Tel: 0330 135 9779*
08:00 – 20:00
08:00 – 18:00
10:00 – 17:00
Halfords Garage Enquiries
Tel: 0330 135 9779*
08:00 – 18:00
08:00 – 16:30

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I provide feedback to Halfords?

Choose the product you want to review by using the drop-down menus or by using the search box located at on the right side of your page. Click on the “Review this Product’ link under the Customer Reviews tab on the page for the product. Review your product and rate it. reviews!

How can I obtain an opinion from my customers?

10 customer satisfaction survey best practices

  1. Keep it brief. 
  2. Ask questions that will help you achieve your ultimate goal. 
  3. Ask smart, open-ended questions. 
  4. You can ask one question at a. 
  5. Set up a system for rating scales that is consistent. 
  6. Avoid provoking and loaded questions. 
  7. Use questions that are yes or no. 
  8. Be specific and stay clear of assumptions.

What would you like to say during a survey with your customer?

Survey questions for customer feedback to find out if an item isn’t generating sales

  • What do you think of the purchasing experience? 
  • Do you believe that our product or serviceis worth the price? 
  • What prompted you to purchase the product? 
  • What problems are you trying to resolve? 
  • What kept you from purchasing?

What is a customer satisfaction survey?

What is a survey? A survey on customer experience is an instrument designed to examine your customer’s experiences (CX) in order to ask customers to describe their experience. It’s usually used by businesses to assess how they’re performing, as well as the areas they could enhance their performance to maintain or achieve excellent CX.

What are the different types of surveys that customers take?

Surveys on customer experience

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys.
  • Surveys on Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) Surveys.
  • Customers Effort Score (CES) survey.
  • Visual rating surveys.
  • Custom-designed surveys.

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