Join DICKS Sportig Goods Customer Survey

DICK’S Sporting Customer Introduction

Customers who recently purchased something at DICK’S Sporting Goods store and received an itemized receipt for their purchase are invited to complete an online, short satisfaction survey in order to provide their thoughts based on the shopping experience.

DICKS Sportig

To respect their honest opinions and to appreciate the time they take to complete this survey, each of the participants who are eligible will be presented with a discount coupon to your subsequent DICK’S Sporting Goods visit.

DICK’S Sporting Goods Customer Rewards

A Coupon to receive $10 off the next DICK’S Sporting Goods in-store purchase of $50 or more

DICK’S Sporting Goods Customer Survey Rules & Requirements

In order to participate in the DICK’S Sports Goods Customer Satisfaction survey, you must be a qualified person and meet specific requirements similar to you.

You must visit a DICK’S Sporting Goods store lately and purchase a qualifying item

You will receive a cash register receipt with an invitation to a survey that is printed.

The survey must be completed within 7 days from the date of your shop visit and receipt. receipt.

You must not be an employee or any within their immediate families of DICK’S Sporting Goods, their parents, affiliates subsidiaries, or any other person associated with this promotion.

DICK’S Sporting Goods Customer Steps

Customers who are eligible, and who meet the requirements mentioned above, must keep the receipt for their survey invitation from DICK’S handy.

take the following steps to start the DICK’S Customer Satisfaction Survey for Sporting Goods on the internet.

Enter the Total Purchase Value as well as the 19-digit survey code that is located on your DICK’S Sports Cash Register receipt in the fields provided on the page. 

Do not see the code in your receipt? Take a look at the sample receipt picture posted on the left of the page of the survey.

If you don’t already have the 19-digit Survey Code printed on your receipt, click on the appropriate link under the entry fields.

Fill in the necessary information i.e. the store’s number, register’s number, transaction number, date, and amount on the receipt you’ve got. 

The location of all this information will be displayed in an example to the left of the page. Select”Start” or click on the “Start” button.

Join DICKS Sportig Goods Customer Survey

Respond to survey-related questions with the greatest accuracy of abilities. Complete the required information at the conclusion of the survey to get your coupon.

Bring the coupon with you on every visit you make to a DICK’S Sporting Goods store to validate the coupon and get your $10 discount when you purchase qualifying items.

About DICK’S Sporting Goods

DICK’S Sporting Goods is one of the prominent omnichannel retailing sporting goods companies with more than 750 locations throughout the United States. 

It was founded in 1948 by Dick Stack the chain offers an extensive array of high-quality, authentic sporting equipment, clothing shoes, accessories, and footwear.

In addition to its retail stores, DICK’S is also able to sell its goods via a rich and informative eCommerce platform to provide clients with convenience as well as the knowledge of a store that is open 24 hours a day.

DICK’S Sporting Goods, the biggest retail store for sporting products within the US and also operates and runs Golf Galaxy, Field, and Stream specialty stores as well as DICK’S Team Sports HQ the all-in-one digital platform for youth sports, and more.

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Contact Information

DICK’S Sporting Goods Customer Service Number: 1-877-846-9997

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DICKS Sporting Goods Customer Survey

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do a Dicks Sporting Goods survey?

Start Survey

  1. Go to the Dick’s Sporting Goods store in the US. Keep the receipt from your purchase and the code that allows you to participate in the web-based survey to stand the chance to be the winner of. 
  2. Enter
  3. Input the survey code on your receipt for the purchase.

What are the best ways to answer a survey on customer satisfaction?

10 customer satisfaction survey best practices

  1. Keep it brief. 
  2. Ask questions that will help you achieve your ultimate goal. 
  3. Ask smart, open-ended questions. 
  4. Answer one question at a. 
  5. Create a consistent rating scale. 
  6. Avoid provoking and loaded questions. 
  7. Use yes/no questions. 
  8. Be specific and stay clear of assumptions.

How can you solicit feedback from your customers?

Methods to solicit feedback from your customers

  1. Contact us via email. 
  2. Utilize a pop-up-based survey. 
  3. Include a poll about social media. 
  4. Contact us via feedback or feedback form on your site or application. 
  5. Request a third-party evaluation. 
  6. Get feedback from the article. 
  7. Text. 
  8. Contact us via the phone.

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