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Church’s Chicken Feedback Survey ◀️

ChurchsChickenFeedback is a Church’s Chicken Feedback portal introduced for the registered customers and users from the Church’s Chicken Restaurant Chain that allows the customers to share their views, feedback, opinions, and reviews online. is the Church’s Chicken Customer Feedback Website where the users are allowed to share their views and feedback.

Participants who are interested in sharing feedback at Church’s Chicken Survey can also their opinions online at

ChurchsChickenFeedback Survey Prize

On accomplishing Church’s Chicken Survey steps, the participants are offered a free Church’s Chicken Coupon Code that can be redeemed at a restaurant to get a free discount on the food they have ordered.

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Church’s Chicken Coupon Prize rules

  • No purchase is required to enter the survey but having a survey code is required.
  • The participant should take an online survey to get a free discount coupon code.
  • Every participant can use the survey code only once.
  • The coupon code cannot be redeemed for anything else other than discounts.

How to take Church’s Chicken Survey?

Only the customers who satisfy the terms and conditions can share feedback at the survey portal. Besides, it is critical to accomplish the steps shown below to receive a free coupon code. 

Keep your receipt and survey code handy and follow the instructions below to get a free discount code now.
  1. Visit any of the Church’s Chicken restaurants.
  2. Get a visit receipt with Church’s Chicken Survey Code.
  3. Go to the survey portal online at
  4. Answer simple questionnaires and complete the feedback survey.
  5. Provide the required personal identification details and receive a free coupon code.
  6. Note the coupon code on your visit receipt.
  7. Now, you can visit the restaurant again and redeem the coupon code for a free discount from the restaurant chain. 🙂

Additional tips for Churchs Chicken customer survey

  • Always take care of a visit receipt and survey code whenever you visit any of the stores or restaurants.
  • Do not forget to take a visit receipt with a survey coupon code at the restaurant to get free discounts.

The customers who are unable to share feedback at Church’s Chicken Survey Portal or unable to take Church’s Chicken Feedback Survey at can share their issues below to get free assistance from us here.

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Church’s Chicken Feedback FAQ

How do I complain about Church’s Chicken?Church’s Chicken complaints contactsCall Customer Care on 1 (866) 345-6788.Visit Customer Care Contact Form.Call Headquarters on (770) 350-3800.Tweet Church’s Chicken.Follow Church’s Chicken.Follow Church’s Chicken.
What is the reason Church’s Chicken so costly?The prices at Church’s Chicken are higher than the usual fast-food restaurants because the majority of their offerings aren’t exclusive or family-style meals. The majority of items available are made of mixed chicken pieces or legs and thighs.
What is good at Church’s Chicken?Most Popular Items at Church’s ChickenMashed Potatoes & Gravy. #1.Chicken Sandwich. #2.Fried Okra. #3.Green Beans. #4.Baked Mac & Cheese. #5.Original Chicken Breast. #6.Original Chicken Leg. #7.Cole Slaw. #8.
How ill-healthy is Church’s Chicken?The One Church’s chicken Original Leg is packed with 500 milligrams and 150 calories sodium which is acceptable considering that we’re talking about chicken that’s been fried — the American Heart Association recommends consuming less than 2,300 milligrams sodium daily, and in a perfect world they recommend that all adult consumers need to …
Where is the corporate office for Church’s Chicken?Atlanta, Georgia, United States






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