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WU Net Spend Card Activation

Have you recently received your WU Net Spend card? If so, you need to activate your card before starting to use it for shopping. The activation process is required for every cardholder to make their card operational.

You can sign up for the WU Net-Spend Card on the website of Western Union. You can download the mobile app which is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Follow the steps below to get how-to instructions for the activation of your card.

WU Net Spend Card Overview 

The WU Net Spend Card is issued by the Western Union Bank and Net Spend. The card comes with some fantastic features, including an account with high-interest savings and cash-back offers. It is however the only prepaid card that lets you access funds that are in your account.

There is a vast ATM network, but it comes with fees. If you don’t use direct deposit, you’ll have to pay the cost of a monthly bill that is high.

Rate and Fee 

  • $1.50 is charged as a signature purchase transaction fee
  • The monthly fee amounts to $9.95
  • $0-$3.95 is for card reloads
  • Pin Purchase transaction fee is $1.50
  • The close account fee is $0
  • For ATM balance inquiry you need to pay $0.50
  • The activation fee is $0
  • $3.95 for card replacements

How to Activate WU Net Spend Card? 

  • Visit the WU Net Spend Card activation website. www.wunetspendprepaid.com/account/activate
  • As the webpage opens there is an activation section labeled ‘Activate Card’.
  • Enter the Card Number and Security Code in the white spaces there.
  • Click on the ‘Continue’ button below.
  • Follow the prompts next and you can activate your WU Net Spend Card.

How to Apply for WU Net Spend Card?

  • To get the WU Net Spend Card inside your wallet open the homepage. www.beginactivation.com
  • At the center there is a button tagged ‘Get a Card’.
  • Click on it and you will be taken ahead to the application page.
  • You need to provide your personal information including your name, address, and email address.
  • Check the boxes at the right which apply to you.
  • Choose your card from the options below.
  • Tap on the ‘Get my Card’ button and you can apply.

Check Application Status 

After you have applied for the card you can check your application status by calling on 1‑800‑214‑5483. Provide the information required and you can check the status of your application.

Activate your WU Net Spend Card Online

How to Log into WU Net Spend Card?

  • Visit the login website of the WU Net Spend Card. wunetspendprepaid.com
  • At the top right corner, there is a button that reads ‘Log In’.
  • Click on it and the main login page opens.
  • Provide Username and Password in the respective fields.
  • Tap on the ‘Login’ button and you will be logged in.

Forgot Username 

  • If you have forgotten your username visit the login homepage. www.beginactivation.com
  • Secondly, there is an account login section at the center.
  • Below it you will find a ‘Forgot your username’ link.
  • Click on it and a new page with the ‘forgot username’ section appears.
  • Enter the email address associated with your account and click ‘Continue’.
  • Now you can receive a new username via email.

Forgot Password 

  • Open the login website of the WU Net Spend. www.beginactivation.com
  • Now as the webpage opens you will find an account login section at the center.
  • Look below it and click on the ‘Forgot your password link.
  • Next you will be taken further to the password reset page.
  • Enter username and email address in the blank space.
  • Click ‘Continue’ and you will be able to set up a new password.

How to Reload a WU Net Spend Prepaid Card?

  • You can reload a Net Spend Card at any Western Union reload location.
  • The user can visit a Western Union locator website to begin.
  • At the location finder webpage, you can search for a Western Union near you using Zip code, city, or state.
  • Once you have found a WU Net Spend location you can visit it to reload your card.
  • Give the agent amount you wish to load with the card reload fee.
  • In some cases, you need to provide your card too at the reload center.
  • Wait for a while and you will be able to use your funds.

WU Netspend Customer Service 

You can connect with the WU Net Spend Card help desk through email, phone, or mail. Use the information below to get in touch with the support center.

Email – [email protected]

Call- 1‑800‑214‑5483


M – F | 8 AM to 10 PM Central

Sat. & Sun.| 8 AM to 8 PM Central

Mailing Address

C/o Net spend Corporation
PO Box 2136
Austin, TX 78768-2136


This is all we could offer regarding this particular WU Net Spend Card Activation. If you need assistance, the customer is able to contact the help desk via the number above. If you require more information, please reach us with questions in the comment section below.

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WU Net Spend Card Online FAQ

Can I use NetSpend cards online?

With Netspend’s Prepaid Debit Card You can purchase at shops on the phone, in person and on the internet. It is available everywhere Debit Mastercard or Visa debit cards can be used. Cash withdrawals at ATMs around the world. Pay your rent, bills, and other essentials.
How can I find out how much is left on the balance on my Western Union card?

You can contact the number that is printed on the prepay card and then use the automated system to check your account balances and current card activity. You can also sign in to your WU Prepaid Card profile by visiting www.wunetspendprepaid.com.
How can I transfer funds from my NetSpend credit card to my bank account?

It is not possible to transfer funds from NetSpend to a banking account. You are only able to transfer funds to other users who also are using Netspend cards. You can make the transfer on the internet by accessing your account and choosing “Send Money”. You can also receive NetSpend money using your U.S. bank account.
How can I transfer funds from NetSpend to the cash app?

Start your Cash App application and tap the icon in the lower-left on the display. A new page will open where you need to select”Add Bank” “Add Bank” options. Remember, I told you that Cash App does not accept credit cards, therefore we need to join Netspend as a bank. Input the information required in the fields that are provided.
Can I connect my netspend account to the Cash App?

There is no way to connect the Netspend’s Prepaid Card directly to the Cash App Users are able to connect their bank account or authorized card, however, they can’t add Netspend credit card to the Payments app in order to make deposits.
Do I have the ability to reload my Western Union prepaid card online?

You can reload your card at www.wunetspendprepaid.com. Log on and go through the instructions. You can also load your prepaid account at participating Agent points.

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